Five-Reel Circus Appraisal

The Basics of Playing the 5 Reel Circus Slot

Many individuals take pleasure in occasional trips to the circus. The online slot game 5 Reel Circus by Rival Gaming makes it possible to enjoy the thrill of the circus every day without leaving the comfort of your own home, with all your favorite acts standing by to help you win bonuses and the jackpot.

Check out the MobileCasinoParty 5 Reel Circus slot review and be ready to be amazed by all of your favorite performers. Find the finest free spins bonuses at online casinos and learn the ins and outs of playing this game.

Structure of the Game

Players will feel like they’ve entered the circus as a spectator thanks to the game’s captivating setting and visuals.

The user interface is decorated in a circus-themed style. While the audience applauds the animals and the contortionists, they are kept entertained by the clowns.

This slot machine has a wide variety of symbols for you to pair up. Some examples are as follows:

Shaggy Gal


The Jokester

Cannonball Humans


The design of 5 Reel Circus as a whole is superb.

Slot Machine Music and Sounds

As you continue to spin, you can faintly make out the sound of people laughing and having a good time.

A loud noise is made if you win a large amount, and the sound of a clown’s trumpet is sounded whenever you match a victory. The game’s music and sound effects serve to further emphasize the carnival atmosphere.

Unique Characteristics

5 Reel Circus provides access to a high-quality, classic online slot game. Players may unlock additional features either using the wild Tiger symbol or by activating the unique free spins round. The 5 Reel Circus is your best bet if you’re looking for a classic, old-school style slot machine game to play online.

Bonus Turns

There is a unique free spin feature in this online slot game that awards players with free spins as they play. Free games are activated when you find more than three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. If you get 5 of these symbols, you have a chance of winning 100 times your wager.

The reward for any wins accumulated while using the free spins feature is tripled.

Dangerous Tiger

The tiger functions as the game’s wild, substituting for all other symbols (with the exception of the clown scatter) to create more opportunities for winning combinations and higher payouts.

When 5 Tiger symbols appear on the reels, players receive 7500 coins; when 4 appear on a pay line, players receive 2000 coins.

The Tiger symbol also has to land on a pay line for players to cash in big time.

As was previously noted, the game’s unique features are your ticket to some of 5 Reel Circus’s other features. Some examples are as follows:

The Bearded Lady and the Contortionist: Five of either the Bearded Lady or the Contortionist will give a player with 200 coins.

Like the bearded lady and the contortionist before him, 5 human Cannonball icons will earn the player 750 coins.

When five of the Ringmaster emerge, the player receives 400 coins.

Structure of the Game

Visually, Double Diamond lives up to the reputation it has as a classic slot machine or fruit machine game. The theme’s logo and branding are primarily black, with purple accents.

Wins in this game are achieved by matching symbols that are similar to those seen in traditional slot machines.

Multiplier symbolizing a pair of diamonds.


An inverted purple BAR

The expression “2 pink BAR”

BAR in Green


Music and Sounds from Slot Machines

Double Diamond’s slot machine noises, which are based on those from video games, are a throwback to classic slot machines. All music and sound effects occur during the actual spinning of the three reels and are not present at any other time.

This behavior is characteristic with older slot machines.

Unique Characteristics

There are no intriguing bonus features in Double Diamond because it is a traditional three-reel slot machine with a single payline. This game’s appeal lies in the hard work and the possibility of winning a large reward. It will either be loved or hated by the players.

The Double Diamond logo, however, has a wild that may substitute for any other symbol. If a winning payline contains one of the logo symbols, the payout is double the norm. If you get a win with just two symbols, you’ll get paid four times as much.

The maximum reward occurs when three Double Diamond emblems appear in a winning combination.

The 5 Reel Circus Slot Machine – Our Opinions

When it comes to online slot games, Rival Gaming’s 5 Reel Circus is without a doubt the pinnacle of their genre. The 5 Reels Circus slot is top-notch in every way, from its visuals and interface to the sounds and music that put players in the middle of the circus.

If you’re looking for a decent, old-fashioned slot game with guaranteed rewards, this is the one to play.

The circus has arrived, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an exciting journey! With the 5 Reel Circus slot machine, you may experience the excitement of the carnival without leaving the house.

Why do you keep stalling? Start playing 5 Reel Circus right away to take advantage of its many bonus features.

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